1) Disable Berserker Mode(Zerk) under job mode
2) Improved silk per unique system
3) Added temple teleport delay (Uniques rooms only) not entering
4) Improved Battle Arena Timers
5) Astral stone removed from Item Mall(F10) may be available during some events
6) Added Vigor Recovery Grain (Small) to Potions NPCs
7) Battle Arena protection improved (Disconnect AFKs)
8) Removed Potions and Vigors from drops

1) Provide more fair battles under job
2) Support normal items and non-donaters compete chances
3) Support newcomers to catch up easier than before
4) Provide better protection for Battle Arena & CTF
5) Help you filtering drops


1) Normal items drop rates increase
2) Elixirs drop rates increase
3) Job Temple some rooms mobs increase
4) Astral removed from Medusa
5) Medusa now drop 12 Immortals instead of 6
6) Arrows removed from drop

1) Support alchemy lovers and collectors
2) Increase the market abilities
3) Support the non-donaters compete chances
4) Make you a part of the game develop by applying your suggestions
5) To prevent getting filled with arrows just because you have a smart bower in PT

Grand opening

We are on our way now, nothing will stop us.
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Grand opening: Saturday 02.01.2021