1) Temple & Last Man Standing teleports select range decreased
2) Add a new fortress weapon, you can find in same NPC of Hammer (Axe)
3) Fortress weapons damage increased 20%
4) Fortress scrolls max stack increased to 50x instead of 5x
5) Improved Selchion Behavior run to walls and stuck
6) Modified Fortress disable zerk red notice to blue notice
7) Added Alchemy Event 4 times everyday except (Thursday and Monday) 30 silk reward each round
8) Added Lucky Party Number Event 4 times everyday except (Thursday and Monday) 15 silk reward each round
9) Honor rank reset and rewards has been delivered
10) Improving server security and guard

1) Making kidora a better game
2) Improving Fortress attack chances
3) Filtering the Inventory page
4) Increasing the server activities and silk sources

Tournament #2 by HappenZ


1) Created and added Reset Durability Blue Scroll to "Alchemy Tab" in every Grocery NPC
2) Removed 20% scrolls from Item Mall(F10) and also from inventories
3) Increased the server performance and stability
4) Switched the places in Arena Manager NPC to make the Male gender in left as it should
5) re-setup Demon Shaitan's special drops to be (1~8 Silver Coins)
6) re-setup Temple Unique's special drops to be (8 Silver Coins & 8 Gold Coins)
7) re-setup Medusa's special drops to be (8 Silver Coins & 8 Gold Coins)
8) Trade Pets are now all equal in physical & magical defense

1) Improving the gameplay and removing the manual assist
2) Improve the non-doanters compete chances and filtering inventory page
3) Making everything smart as it should
4) Adding more sources for Silver Coins
5) Making Arena Battles Worth
6) Improving the trade experience

Upcoming features & changes
1) New Solo Events
2) New Daily Quests
3) New Upgrade Scroll
4) New Spirit buffs for +9 & +12 & +15
5) New Fortress Weapon
6) Disable Snow Trick inside Battle Arena
7) Increase Magic Options Count for items
8) Enable Last Man Standing Event
9) Balance Physical & Magical damage against uniques

Tournament #1 by HappenZ


1) Lock FW Tax change to 5%
2) Add Last Man Standing area, teleport near Arena Manager in Samarkand (Beta v1 for explorers)
3) Improve server performance

1) Make more balance between owners and users
2) Make more activities in game
3) Make Kidora experience better