1) Improved all the game visuals
2) Added Unique Target Select Beta v.1 (Only Medusa for now)
3) Improved the server stability and performance


1) Exclude Snow Shield cooldown from Firewall/Icewall cooldown
2) Added New Honor Effect Switch Scroll (Weapons with Honor Effect will be marked with "H" letter on the item icon to prevent scamming)
3) Added New Reset Effect Scroll
4) Mixed Silver Coins, Gold Coins and Arena Coins into one Coins which is "Gold Coins"
5) Changed the Gold Coins sources to
- Battle Arena win/lose rewards
- Medusa Drop 16x
- Temple Uniques drop 16x each
6) Removed special drops from Demon Shaitan
7) Special Stones re-priced to 750m each. instead of 2b
8) Get Title Scrolls re-prices to 250m & 550m instead of 55m & 95m
9) Battle Arena Flag (Disabled) only score one is available

1) Provide a better game
2) Filtering the inventory items
3) Making Astrals easier to get
4) Making Battle Arena more interesting

We're working also in so many other updates that should be listed here soon...



1) Temple & Last Man Standing teleports select range decreased
2) Add a new fortress weapon, you can find in same NPC of Hammer (Axe)
3) Fortress weapons damage increased 20%
4) Fortress scrolls max stack increased to 50x instead of 5x
5) Improved Selchion Behavior run to walls and stuck
6) Modified Fortress disable zerk red notice to blue notice
7) Added Alchemy Event 4 times everyday except (Thursday and Monday) 30 silk reward each round
8) Added Lucky Party Number Event 4 times everyday except (Thursday and Monday) 15 silk reward each round
9) Honor rank reset and rewards has been delivered
10) Improving server security and guard

1) Making kidora a better game
2) Improving Fortress attack chances
3) Filtering the Inventory page
4) Increasing the server activities and silk sources

Tournament #2 by HappenZ